Website Maintenance & Security

A happy WordPress site needs attention.

Visitors to your website will want to find it up-to-date, secure, error-free and intuitively designed and laid-out. You need to make sure it provides a great user experience. Furthermore, this is definitely something that Google appreciates also!

Given the time this takes, why not let me look after all these aspects of your website, so you can concentrate on your business?


What does website maintenace involve?

All of the websites I build or work on and based on the hugely popular WordPress content management system.

Now, without wanting to get too technical, WordPress is a basically a software that is used to make your website. In addition to this, there are 3rd-party ‘plugins’ and designs that are often used to add extra functionality and customisations to your website.

All of these elements will need regular updating to ensure that they are working smoothly, that they are secure and don’t render your site vulnerable to hacking (yes, there are people out there who will try it!), and that the overall performance and user experince of your website maintains a high standard.

But maintenance doesn’t stop there! Back-ups, virus scans, content updates/modofications, server side adjustments, and regular monitoring should all be considered essesntial elements of a well maintained, healthy website.

But what are the actual benefits for me?

All of the websites I build or work on and based on the hugely popular WordPress content management system.

Website Design Packages


Quick, but Functional.


Professional, content rich


Expansive & fully optimised
*    Larger sites are possible, but would need to be discussed in more detail.
**  It can be assumes that any of the above levels also includes ALL elements included in previous levels (even if not specifically listed)

Funcionality Integrations

You may have noticed I mentioned ‘Functionality Integrations’ in the pricing table above… this is what I meant by that. This list is not-exhaustive – that is to say, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please still ask!


Now you have a website! Do you want to see it grow?

Learn more about my support services

Frequently Asked Questions

If I was in your positon, I would have a load of questions that I wanted to ask. So let me try and help you out with some answers now.

This is a difficult one, but its a useful exercise trying to work it out! I would suggest that list down all the information that you feel is important to convey to your customers (or the audience of the website). Try to keep it concise. In my experience it is easy to get carried away here. Start with just the important subject matter.

Once you have done that, review it and try to group it into categories (and even sub-categories). This should start to give you an indication of the number of pages to be thinking.

And don’t worry too much – there is always scope to review it later still.

Quite possibly. A lot depends on how your website was put together. But its more than likely that I will be able to make improvements. Or at the very least, make suggestions on how to do so.

Of course. And you should do too! Its is yours after all. Once the website is built – I will handover all the relevant admin/login details and privileges. Even if we have agreed an ongoing maintenance contract, the website is still registered in your name and is 100% owned by you.

That is a difficult question to answer precisely. Needless to say, the more pages and the more complex the site is, the longer it will take.

Some of the more basic sites (e.g. ‘Foundation’ packages) can usually be completed in less than one week.

The more comprehensive sites can likely exceed one month, with the most expansive taking several months.

Rest assured that I will be able to give you a much better idea after our initial consultation, and that you will receive regular updates throughout the creation process to keep you up to date.

Thats one we need to agree on in our initial consultations.

Each of my website packages includes a certain number of images, that I will source, and then confirm with you.

In addition, some of the packages include the creation of video media. Current trends clearly indicate that video is considered an essential part of any website, and strengthens the level of engagement with visitors.

Icons/animations are included free (except the ‘Foundation’ package).

The written content (or ‘copy’) is a service that can be offered, and is charged on an individual basis, once I am able to get a better picture of requirements.

In a nutshell, a website that is dynamic and that will automatically adjust depending on the screen size (and orientation) of the device being used to view the website.

In a world where people use phones, tablets, laptops, desktops (all made by different manufacturers) as well as different web browsers, then you can easily see that responsive design is absolutely critical.

Absolutely. And I would recommend that approach also.

One of the strengths of WordPress is that it allows for a number of different users. As the owner, you have control of how many, and what level of ‘access’ they have.

These users are then able to make updates to the site, add/delete content, add blog posts, change images and a whole host of other functions.

The ‘Developing’ and ‘Comprehensive’ packages include one-to-one training on how to use WordPress and make such changes.

Good (but unnecessary!) question. Let me remind you, if you don’t like the design then there is still work to be done. It is not a outcome that I am happy with any more than you.

The main way we will avoid this situation is to make sure we have solid communication channels, and that I keep you fully up-to-date as the build progresses. This will include allowing you to take a look at the work that has been done up to that point.

As this happens, if there are things you are unsure about, or you change your mind about, then we still have time to make then happen.

Learn more about how the website commission process works here.

Yes, absolutely.

An essential part of any functioning, optimised and secure website is to ensure that it is kept well maintained.

All of my packages include an initial FREE period of website maintenance included. Beyond that, I offer website maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.
Ha! Trick question of course. There are none.

I can guarantee that. I hate hidden costs as much as the next person. There is nothing that can ruin a business transaction more than that. I can assure you that all costs will be fully laid out and transparent from the outset.

In the unlikely event that there is a need to change the initially agreed price, this will only happen once we have had the chance to discuss, and agree, on that.

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