Why use WordPress?


Why WordPress?

My WordPress journey started by chance, rather than by design. Eight years ago, I was setting up a charitable organisation, and we needed a website. At the time, our budget was limited –  and it certainly could not stretch as far as employing a dedicated web developer. The solution?…. I would do it myself.

A little research undertaken, it soon became clear that WordPress was going to be the tool for the job. And the rest is history! Since then, the power of WordPress as a web developement tool, and is adaptability have become increasingly clear. But just what is it that makes WordPress such a great tool?

But, wait... what is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System – or CMS for short. Still confused? To quote Wikipedia, a CMS is:

...a computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

In short then, WordPress is a software, that you can install FREE OF CHARGE (!!!), to allow you to create and manange websites.

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular website publishing platform in the world and now generates more than 60 million websites globally. Its functionality and flexibility stems from the tens of thousands of extensions and ‘plugins’ that allow you to build a totally personalised website to do just about anything you can imagine.

Screenshot of WordPress plugins download and install page for web design functionality

So, come on... why?

There are many reasons to use WordPress to create a website:

1. This is an Open Source project, which means it is free …

2. With hundreds of people working on it, WordPress is constantly evolving

3. WordPress is user-friendly. Rather than having to hire a Webmaster or Web Designer every time you want to make even the slightest change or modification to your website, you can easily learn the basics of how to manage your own content, and without having to know the programming language. My website design packages include basic WordPress training.

4. WordPress is flexible and extensible. There are literally thousands of extensions, themes, and plugins (both “Commercial” and “Free” versions) which allow you to completely change the look of your website. You can also add new features, such as a survey, newsletter or shopping cart with just a few clicks.

5. Finally, you own your content …

Some interesting WordPress facts...

Icon for how long WordPress has been the worlds leading content management system

WordPress is older than both Twitter and Facebook

Icon to depict the market share that wordpress has of the CMS industry

WordPress powers 27% of all websites

There are many wordpress plugins that add functionality to your small enterprise website

There have been over 1.5 billion plugin downloads

Icon for the number of government websites that are powered by the WordPress content management system

WordPress powers 1000's of government websites

Icon for websites in the education sector that use WordPress for their web development

WordPress is used by universities, colleges & schools all over the world

Wordpress has been translated into over 80 languages globally

WordPress is available in over 70 languages

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